Custom Yacht Mattress

When we were in SoCal, we realized beyond a shadow of a doubt that our “mattress” was junk. It was made of eight inch thick hard foam and was about as comfortable as a barn floor, plus it reduced our modest bunk area considerably.

There isn’t a square corner on the bunk anywhere and the outside is curved, so a normal mattress was out of the question. Custom mattresses are available. Oh yeah, they’re available for about the same price as a penthouse in Manhattan.

IKEA to the rescue!!!

ikea bedroom Custom Yacht Mattress

Random Ikea bedroom

We rented a car and made our way to the nearest IKEA, which was about 2 miles away this being Orange County and all. After several hours navigating the store we finally made it to the mattresses area. We had to walk farther inside the store than we had to drive to get there. At least they have meatballs.

We have a problem with mattresses. Tamiko likes them as soft and inviting as the floor of a rail car and I like beds that are comfortable. After a tiny bit of negotiation (I choked her out and revived her) we settled on this-

sultan fidjetun memory foam mattress 0084641 PE216388 S4 Custom Yacht Mattress

Ikea’s Sultan-Fidjetun FJVKJKVKUNVKDJ?

It’s a very affordable memory foam mattress with a firm core so I got some comfy and she got some railroad.

IKEA rolls them up like a mutant Chinese PVC burrito so it was really easy to fit in the rental car, easier than it was to get my meatball-overstuffed ass in there!

We removed the old “mattress” and laid it on the cabin top as a pattern to cut the new one from. We unzipped the new cover and traced the top of the old mattress on the foam of the new one. The hull of the boat curves in from the top so I made some mental notes about what angle I should use when I cut so that it would lay flat and not have a gap. I sharpened our longest kitchen knife with a coarse stone to provide some tooth to the blade, kind of like a micro serrated deal.

DSC 0130 Custom Yacht Mattress

Our Sultry Sultan Bunk

We cut carefully along our marks and decide that sewing the cover to the right shape was too much work for now, so we zipped it back together with the ill-fitting cover and tucked the edges under. This is my favorite bed, ever. Now I sleep better than a colicky baby!!!

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  1. Celestialsailor says:

    Glad to see you guys are back on the boat and improving “the feel”…Martin

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