A Break

Written by Steve

Topics: The Cruising Life

Yep, a double break.

First, we went cruising to take a break from whatever you call that life that we had before this. As it turns out, cruising isn’t all relaxation, drinks with umbrellas, and palm lined beaches. Setting out to cross hundreds or thousands of miles of ocean is really stressful.

After all of the stress of all of the years of fighting to keep Eli alive, followed quickly by Tamiko’s injury, time in a wheelchair, financial ruin and a LONG partial recovery, followed quickly by all the difficulty of refitting this boat and learning to cruise and setting off down the California coast in winter and then down the outside of  Baja where shelter may be a couple hundred miles away, we needed a break, especially me. I am finally climbing off of the PTSD train. I don’t jump at every loud noise anymore. I can sleep. I can spend time thinking and not just worrying. This is good. La Crus de Huanacaxtle is ideal for that. Warm, decent surf, good tacos, and friendly people.

Second, we took an unintentional break from our blog.

Blame Sea Biscuit.

Chris and Tom, Tamiko’s parents, went crazy and bought Sea Biscuit, a 43′ Slocum cutter, a beautiful boat. We agreed to paint her bottom and that project just snowballed. The bottom needed to be stripped and then we found blisters and some of this and some of that and a week long project stretched to almost a month.

After all day in the sun, we were just too darned tired to blog. Sorry.

The story of the sale of Sea Biscuit and the bottom of Sea Biscuit are coming but I just wanted to tell you why we’ve been so delinquent.

:) :) :)

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  1. paul says:

    Forgiven. Though I had given some thought to the possibility that the earth (& sea) might really be flat after all. Besides, my son Nathan has been leaving cool posts on his journey through Europe this summer at: http://travelingspaceman.blogspot.com/
    He just returned yesterday. So Nathan has the sky covered, you got the sea, & I’ve got…well, a little gopher-destroyed garden in California. // This morning as I was considering planting some late tomatoes, I noticed a thick rope in the way of my digging. Yep, not a rope. A dead snake. Still, it took precious time away from my remaining time on earth. Unfortunately it was a gopher snake who got his head stuck in the chicken wire. Now I’ll have more gophers. cool. Hey–you guys catching ANY fish??? I see water & I’ve got to fish. // You saw that some guy off San Diego caught a world record Mako? 1300 + pounds. (Wouldn’t fit in my freezer). Thanks for the update. Keep ’em coming gang. Much love, Paul

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